Councillor questions the credibility of Banking Inquiry.

Cllr. John Leahy is of the opinion that the Banking Inquiry has lost all its credibility with the public; ‘In the aftermath of the banking collapse the people had so many questions as to how everything had gone so wrong. All politicians promised a full and comprehensive inquiry into what happened and it was also promised that people who brought this country to the brink would be made accountable for their actions. And now before a question has even been asked the government has blatantly disregarded the democratic process and fixed the inquiry so they would hold a majority. If it went on in Syria or Zimbabwe we would be giving their dictators a lecture! If this is how those on an inquiry are going to conduct their business we are doomed from the beginning’. Cllr. Leahy went onto commend the actions of Independent TD, Stephen Donnelly who resigned his position from the inquiry in the aftermath of what the government did; ‘Stephen Donnelly is a real politician who possesses real values. He did the decent thing and all others from all the other political parties should have done the same. How can one sit on an inquiry which won’t even abide by the democratic process? This is the same old politics that people in this country are sick and tired of. Yet only Deputy Donnelly could only do the decent thing. Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein politicians remain on the committee of the inquiry and thrall out one excuse after another as to why they should stay on it. It is simply pathetic. Before a question has even been asked, this inquiry has lost all credibility and should be disbanded immediately’.

Cllr. Leahy firmly believes that the only way a banking inquiry can take place now is if it is taken completely out of the hands of politicians and is in turn conducted independently. ‘ If all politicians were of the ilk of deputy Donnelly, then politicians could be trusted to conduct the inquiry but as things stand now they have shown themselves incapable of doing this.  The banking collapse crippled this country and people continue to suffer in its aftermath. The one thing we need is a strong trustworthy inquiry which will get to the bottom of everything and in turn bring people to account for their reckless actions. Surely this is the least the public deserve’. The councillor went onto say; ‘ The only thing politicians can do now is legislate and give people of expertise and credibility the necessary powers to get to the bottom of the greatest financial disaster that has ever visited our country. Only one positive has come out of this and that is that we have one politician who will not just go with the crooked flow. Independent TD Stephen Donnelly deserves credit for the stance he took. The pity is others don’t seem to have the bottle to do likewise. Give the public what they deserve, an inquiry which has real credibility. This one has questions hanging over it before it even begins as a result of the government’s actions and in turn the actions of Fianna Fail , Sinn Fein and other independent politicians for not having the bravery to step aside and do the right thing’.